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Business Opportunities


1. EXCEPTIONAL RETURN ON INVESTMENT – Low cost of goods sold and low payroll expense coupled with healthy volumes make Dough Boy’s® a very lucrative investment.

2. TRACK RECORD OF GROWTH – We’ve increased volumes every year over and above price increases since 1990, making Dough Boy’s® a sound investment.

3. NEW, EXCITING CONCEPT – Our tropical vacation fantasy theme, along with award-winning gourmet pizza and pasta menu, is truly one of a kind.

4. INDUSTRY TRENDS – The National Restaurant Association projects that the ‘percentage of the food dollar spent away from home will continue to increase from 44%.’ In recent years, food dollar spent away from home has topped 53%, and shows little sign of slowing down.

5. FOOD QUALITY, UNIQUENESS AND MARKET ACCEPTANCE – We have won several regional awards for the best gourmet pizza in a 4 city area of over 1,000,000 people.

6. ALOHA HOSPITALITY – Almost before you enter Dough Boy’s, a smiling hostess greets you with a warm ‘aloha.’ We figure everyone wants to be on vacation, so why not give folks a real surfin’ safari greeting, like Spakoli from ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ would do, and surround them with surf murals reminiscent of the iconic 1969 surf film, ‘Endless Summer.’ But, there’s seriousness beneath all the fun. Our systematic service is designed to create the sense of being loved, cared for, and catered to.

7. FUN FOR KIDS AND ADULTS – No other pizza place is as fun as Dough Boy’s® for the whole family. Other chains don’t measure up. They’re either boring to kids or annoying to adults. This never happens at Dough Boy’s®.

8. POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT AND ACTIVE MANAGEMENT – Our mission at Dough Boy’s® is to create a well managed, thoughtful, fun and clean environment for both employees and customers, whereby each and every guest will leave having experienced high quality dining with the quickest, best service possible.

9. MEMORIES – People leave Dough Boy’s® with a one-of-a-kind memory (along with a gift lei and souvenir Frisbee). Ultimately, our goal is for our customers to think of Dough Boy’s® as a planned event, rather than just another good place to eat.

10. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – We give back to our community by supporting local churches, schools, civic organizations and people in need.

11. CREATING PARTNERSHIPS WITH INTEGRITY – At Dough Boy’s®, we strive to build relationships. That’s why we have chosen a Limited Liability Company format for creating agreements with investors. We want to build trust and be in business with you for the long haul, sharing the investment risk. Arms length, cumbersome franchises don’t allow for this sort of partnership.

12. SIMPLICITY – We have a top to bottom management system, experienced support team, and proven design template that gives you all the help, training and information you need to open your chain of Dough Boy’s® as easily and quickly as possible.


—George Kotarides
Founder/CEO of Dough Boy’s® California Pizza

George Kotarides, Founder of Dough Boys California Pizza