Virginia Beach Oceanfront Craft Beer Tap Takeover

August 10th, 2017

Virginia Beach Craft Beer 101: If The Beer Is Popular make sure you have enough of it on hand

This might seem silly to start an article on Virginia Beach Beer this way but it is true. Before 2013 another Craft Brew maker named Alpine had f0878d58f82c21f8904a8cfe90482229an interesting situation:

  1.  They made incredible beer
  2.  But there wasn’t enough to satisfy the demand

 So what do you do?

Find another great craft beer producer who can help you make more.  And that is exactly what Alpine did. They partnered with Green Flash to help get these biracles (beer miracles) to the public in appropriate supply. So what could be so good that one brewery would buy another to get.

 Well you will get to the find out at the Tap Takeover on August 25th, 2017 at the Dough Boys Green Flash Tap Takoever because..

 The Alpine HFS beer will be on tap.

I will break down why this little Virginia Beach creation is so special:

  •  It is a 2016 Award Winner
  •  It is a mix of hop and citrus flavors
  •  It offers well balanced smooth taste

So we will see you on 17th Street dough Boys!!











Virginia Beach Brewery: Tap Takeover

April 18th, 2017

virginia beach craft beerGet ready for incredible craft beer at Dough Boys on 24th Street and the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach. On May 10th The Green Flash Brewery is taking over Dough Boy’s Pizza from 5 to 7 Pm

Incredible Virginia Beach Craft Beer

Green Flash offers some of the most unique beer creations on both coasts with their latest brewery being built convenient to the Oceanfront on General Booth Blvd, just a little further up than the Virginia Beach Aquarium.

1/2 Price Pizza Right On The Oceanfront

During the takeover pizza will be 1/2 the usual price. Don’t miss out!

Bring Your Dog

Our Dog friendly deck on 24th street is the perfect place to Bring Fido. You can enjoy 1/2 price pizza near the Ocean and Boardwalk and have your favorite dog friend with you to enjoy the incredible Spring weather.

Our Location

Here is a map to our 24th Street Virginia Beach location

Gluten Free

We offer gluten free options for special dietary needs. Just inquire with your server.

Oceanfront Restaurant Allowing Dogs

February 13th, 2017

dogs love to playFor dog lovers coming to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront Oceanfront being able to bring your dog is very important..

So you are traveling to the Oceanfront with your dog. One of the biggest questions that come up for dog owners on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and beach area are what restaurants allow dogs. Part of the relaxation and fun of a vacation is going out to eat but the point of bringing your dog was not to leave them behind. Thus finding a place where you can bring them when you eat is critical.

Dough Boys is the perfect place to bring the family, and the family pet. Both locations offer an outdoor deck area where your canine can sit with you while you dine, giving you the best of both worlds. And of course you are only a block from the Oceanfront.

Here is a map of our location


Virginia Beach Oceanfront Tips For Dogs AT The Restaurantvirginia beach dogs near boardwalk

Here are some tips to help you when you are actually dining with your dog. It is easy to forget that they have a whole set of needs, independent of our own. I have pulled together some simple things to make sure the ENTIRE family has a pleasurable experience having pizza, pasta, or burgers at Dough Boys in Virginia Beach.

Don’t bring the dog hungry

A hungry dog is going to beg and beg and beg and drive you crazy. It is like going to the grocery store when you are hungry, which means you cannot get your mind off food.

A tired dog is a calm dog

After a day of play most dogs will love the opportunity to rest.

Make sure it is officially “dog” friendly

Not every restaurant is like Dough Boy’s Pizza on The Virginia Beach Oceanfront, make sure they officially will allow canines.

Get Real

If your dog is rambunctious or untrained, don’t do this. This is to much stimulation for them.

And what about one of those warm Virginia Beach Oceanfront Days?

It is very likely that you are going to bring that dog out when it is warm. So always make sure to bring water and provide shade for them. On an extremely hot day, I wouldn’t bring them out at all.

dog friendly deck on atlantic avenue restaurantCome check out our menu and bring the Pet…We Love Dogs!!

We have outdoor deck seating at our 32nd street & 24th street locations