Dog Friendly restaurant



The past two years have been exciting for Dough Boy’s pizza restaurant in Virginia Beach. We have opened two outdoor decks to allow people to order right on Atlantic Boulevard or pick up their items without having to go into the restaurant. This can be ideal I f you just want to call in your order on the beach, jet over to Dough Boy’s across the street and pick it up, this can be ideal.

Another way the outdoor desks are benefiting customers is by allowing them to bring their dog. This has been popular since we have such love for canines in this culture, and love to bring them with us any chance we get. For many vacation is not vacation without this special family member.

Va Beach Dogs Are Family

Thus we knew that our customer family would start bringing their favorite pet. What we didn’t realize was how many roles Dogs actually play in our society. Dogs are used for emotional support as well as support to those with physical challenges. Dogs are a big part of our lives, often in ways you may not realize.

Dogs in the news

So when a story comes along talking about their impact to people all over Virginia Beach and the rest of the country about the positive impacts of dogs, we decided to post the link about how dogs are impacting us in social and work areas.

Thus, here is the link to the story about service dogs and their relationship to their care receiver..

Looking For Dog Friendly Restaurants In Virginia Beach?

Dough Boys Pizza has 2 Virginia Beach Oceanfront locations with outdoor decks perfect for your favorite pooch. They are also great for getting restaurant food with the convenience of popping across the street in your bathing suit and not having to enter the restaurant. So we are the most convenient option for your and your pet.

See you at Dough Boys!