Oceanfront Restaurant Allowing Dogs

February 13th, 2017

dogs love to playFor dog lovers coming to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront Oceanfront being able to bring your dog is very important..

So you are traveling to the Oceanfront with your dog. One of the biggest questions that come up for dog owners on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and beach area are what restaurants allow dogs. Part of the relaxation and fun of a vacation is going out to eat but the point of bringing your dog was not to leave them behind. Thus finding a place where you can bring them when you eat is critical.

Dough Boys is the perfect place to bring the family, and the family pet. Both locations offer an outdoor deck area where your canine can sit with you while you dine, giving you the best of both worlds. And of course you are only a block from the Oceanfront.

Here is a map of our location


Virginia Beach Oceanfront Tips For Dogs AT The Restaurantvirginia beach dogs near boardwalk

Here are some tips to help you when you are actually dining with your dog. It is easy to forget that they have a whole set of needs, independent of our own. I have pulled together some simple things to make sure the ENTIRE family has a pleasurable experience having pizza, pasta, or burgers at Dough Boys in Virginia Beach.

Don’t bring the dog hungry

A hungry dog is going to beg and beg and beg and drive you crazy. It is like going to the grocery store when you are hungry, which means you cannot get your mind off food.

A tired dog is a calm dog

After a day of play most dogs will love the opportunity to rest.

Make sure it is officially “dog” friendly

Not every restaurant is like Dough Boy’s Pizza on The Virginia Beach Oceanfront, make sure they officially will allow canines.

Get Real

If your dog is rambunctious or untrained, don’t do this. This is to much stimulation for them.

And what about one of those warm Virginia Beach Oceanfront Days?

It is very likely that you are going to bring that dog out when it is warm. So always make sure to bring water and provide shade for them. On an extremely hot day, I wouldn’t bring them out at all.

dog friendly deck on atlantic avenue restaurantCome check out our menu and bring the Pet…We Love Dogs!!

We have outdoor deck seating at our 32nd street & 24th street locations


Virginia Beach Pizza And Summer Fun

July 29th, 2016

When you say summertime at Virginia beach, there is a good chance that pizza or finding a place to get good pizza is there. Nothing goes better with sand, sun, and fun like a piping hot piece of Dough Boy’s pizza, one street away.

The Reviews Of Our Virginia Beach Pizza Restaurants Are In

Some say the proof is in the pudding (or the pizza). We consistently have high reviews on our pizza which we serve to the visitors and locals on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. This includes personal forms filled out by actual customers, Yelp reviews, Trip Advisor reviews, Facebook comments, and of course Google reviews.

More Than Just Pizza Review Numbers

numbers do not always do our Virginia Beach oceanfront pizza restaurant justice. I like the personal contact, and you can read about some of this in the actual reviews themselves. While not every review is a five star we do have a very good track record across multiple platforms.

So I pulled together One Of My Favorites From Facebook

Here’s a review from Jamie Woodson that I recently saw on Facebook. Everything she says is true and the man she refers to is the owner. A lot of people who work here come back even after they have left. A lot of people who eat here come back year after year. Here is the actual review:

“Jamie Storm Woodson-This has seriously been what every pizza has ever looked like, even when I worked there about 20 years ago. I’ve never had a bad slice and the owner George has always been a nice guy.”

Thanks Jamie. Since everything is fresh, it comes out looking and tasting that way.

Fresh Virginia Beach Pizza

In fact this leads us into some other aspects of what Jamie’s talking about. It’s not just fresh dough prepared each order. It’s also the fresh ingredients. We’re bringing the California pizza concept to the Virginia Beach oceanfront. And this requires fresh vegetables that are cut right there in the kitchen and you can see on the pizza they are garden fresh.

Whether you’re going for spinach, whole tomatoes, or anything else it’s gonna look fresh and taste fresh.

Virginia_Beach_PizzaLots of pizza toppings

In fact Dough Boys offers lots of different pizza toppings popular with both Virginia Beach local, and Virginia Beach oceanfront visitors. And they like it for the For the simple reason that you never know what people are going to want and it’s good to give them lots of selections from traditional pizza to really unusual styles of pizza you just can’t get anywhere else.

Here are some of our specialty pizzas:

  • Spinach pizza
  • buffalo pizza
  • Cordon Bleu pizza
  • Tomato Vodka Cream Sauce PizzA
  • Hula Garlic Seared Pizza
  • Hawaiian pizza
  • Bacon Cheddar Pizza

And you want your pizza within walking distance of your beach hotel or the Boardwalk

Location, location, location. When you want fresh Virginia Beach pizza, you want it NOW. I mean cross the street from the Atlantic avenue hotel and picked up piping hot by just crossing the street. We have three Dough Boys right in the center of any of the action of the Oceanfront. Just check us out on a map.

trip advisor virignia beach pizza reviewTrip Advisor Certificate Of Excellence

We are proud to be a Virginia Beach oceanfront restaurant that has received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence at multiple locations over multiple years. This is the product of thousands of guests giving us honest positive reviews.

Here is a review we got on Google from one of the many customers who visit us again and again. It reads:

“Food was delicious. Service was excellent as always. We eat here every time we come to VA beach. Keep up the good work.”

And What Goes Great With Pizza?

We also offer one of the most diverse menus of any Virginia Beach or Oceanfront pizza restaurants. We offer:

  • Burgers
  • Salads
  • Calzone
  • Pasta
  • Gyros
  • Subs
  • Wings
  • Beer
  • Craft beer
  • Wine
  • Mixed drinks

Value And Great Food Specials

Our specials change frequently as we do offer a number of rotating specials. One of them is a $5.99 lunch special in which you can come in during lunch hours 7 days a week this summer. We also offer a $9.99 carry out dinner special. Please note these are subject to change. Check out our menu.

How close is Dough Boys to the boardwalk?

Choose cross the street on Atlantic and there’s three locations. We have one location on 17 street one on 24 th Street and one on 33rd St.so you can’t miss us.

Kid friendly Oceanfront pizza

We are kid friendly. We offer meals design just for kids. We also offer a frisbee with some of the kids meals which is always a big hit in useful at the beach.

Visit One of our three locations right by the Boardwalk hotels

Our 3 Locations

How about Oceanfront Parking

Here is a link to places to park while you are in the Oceanfront or Boardwalk area