Hands Across The Sand

Hands Across The Sand

virginia beach time hands across the sandThe fight against offshore drilling

If you really want to know what Hands Across The Sand is about stand on the Virginia Beach sand and stare at the vast beautiful ocean landscape. Somehow it has survived the 20th century with it’s host of oil catastrophes that have poured millions of gallons of oil into the world’s oceans. Right now we can look out and see blue and enjoy this beautiful natural body of water that we have enjoyed for hundreds of years.

But what If Virginia Beach Was Ruined By Offshore Drilling…

What if it was covered in oil and there were no more tourists and now one could enjoy it. What if the only view left was a big oil platform and a shiny black beach filled with dying sea life and dark ooze.

Unfortunately this could become a real possibility if oil drillers are allowed to start drilling right off shore. It seems ridiculous that we continue to pursue more ways to get oil when there are so many alternate feels that we should be investing in as a nation. You would think the interest of the few would be subjugated for the interest of the entire world instead of risking the last bastions of natural beauty we have left.

virginia beach information hands across the sandThe Oil Economy And The Real Cost

And Hands Across The Sands is the tip of the iceberg for a bigger problem. We cling to an oil based economy that keeps us constantly at war. And it’s a war that affects us here with endless injured and dead servicemen and a national economy that is reeling because we are using all of our resources to protect big oil. So why do we want to make it worse by drilling here if we’re just going to still have to support this industrial oil monstrosity complex worldwide anyways?

Could it be one of the biggest tragedies of the 21st-century is the fact that we have so much technology to stop using fossil fuel’s yet we live in the mess that they create day in and day out with seemingly no way to stop thier stranglehold on our life, our political system, and unfortunately our future and that of our children.

The Solution

Maybe the answer is to say no more. Let’s move on with new ways of getting energy that don’t destroy what we have left. Hands across the sand is protesting the destruction of our beaches with these outrageously ridiculous platform expansion ideas that aim to suck up more oil and spill it everywhere and destroy what little natural habitats we have left.

Hands across the sand virginia beachHere Is What You Can Do..Join Hands

Hands across the sand is one step to stop offshore drilling. It is an outside public protest you can take part in to tell the Trump administration that you are completely against this.

When and Where:

  • May 19th
  • The Virginia Beach Oceanfront
  • Join Hands At 12 Pm

Find out more about Hands Across The Sand Here

Next Steps Against Offshore Drilling

There is so much more you can do. Click over to the Surfrider Foundation for even more things you can do.

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