One of the most noble charities in Virginia Beach is the JT Walk. Dough Boy’s Pizza is honored to be a sponsor of this Virginia Beach based charity. Not just is it a noble cause, but it has been successful with a number of projects in the area, all with a noticeable benefit to the community and the Oceanfront.

What Is The JT Walk

It started with a local Virginia Beach native named Josh Thompson. Josh was a local surfer who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. Josh’s brother, Chris, was a member of local charity called the Gentlemen. Chris, and the Virginia Gentlemen, decided to adopt the cause. They created a program called Keys To Life.

Keys To Life

Keys To Life started as a way to get patients in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads transportation to and from medical care and appointments. Then it expanded to other areas. They partnered with ALSA to have a walk on the Oceanfront for the charity. They raised money for local parks and other amenities to help those suffering from this disease and others.

The JT Walk & Beach Party

The walk or JT Walk is an event that allows everyone to participate, have fun, and help this very noble event. It involves a day of local events, food, and fun at the Oceanfront which has and will continue to have an impact on those who need it. It involves a number of different activities including:

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The JT Walk Event Time And Location

The event takes place October 7 at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. More specifically the registration is at Neptune Park on 31st Street at 9 am. The lineup for the walk is 10 A.M. and it starts at 10:15 A.M.The Beach party and subsequent events start at 11. Parking will be available in the 34th street garage.

How You Can Help With The JT Walk

  1. Parking will be limited so carpool or ride a bike if you can
  2. Come down and participate.
  3. Donate To The JT Walk After The Event

Progress With The JT Walk Charity

The success of this charity is evident. A few notable public projects are:

JT Grommet Park

The park was built with accessibility right by the beach to allow access for disabled children

YMCA JT’s Camp Grom

This is a retreat for wounded veterans and their families

The Grombulance

This is a kid friendly ambulance offering care for children needing critical care at CHKD

You Can Make An Impact

jtwalk parking

You can make an impact…Just show up on October 7th

More about the JT Walk

Check out this clip about last years JT Walk


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