Cheese pizza. It’s the standard form of our favorite dish, classic and unembellished. But why not experiment with cheese beyond mozzarella on your pizza? The world of cheese is vast and delicious, so we present to you a list of the best kinds of cheese to top your pizza with.


Mozzarella: the gold standard. Melts well with a mild, creamy taste. An excellent base for toppings or even other cheeses. fresh pizza at Dough Boy's Pizza Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Buffalo mozzarella: Want to step up your mozzarella game? Try a pizza with buffalo mozzarella. An Italian classic, buffalo mozzarella is made from buffalo milk, which has a higher fat percentage. This makes buffalo mozzarella even thicker and creamier than regular mozzarella. It’s a treat, especially atop a classic wood fired margherita pizza.

Parmesan: Extra salty and flavorful, parmesan cheese is traditionally sprinkled atop pizza for an added bite. Pizzerias often provide packets of powdery parmesan. To change things up, why not add fresh, shaved parmesan to your pizza.

Whole Four cheeses and basil white Pizza on black background

Regional Cheese

Provel: In St. Louis, one pizza cheese reigns supreme, and it isn’t mozzarella. Provel, the topper of the infamous St. Louis style pizza, is a processed cheese product that claims to be a combination of cheddar, swiss, and provolone. Legend has it it was invented to be a cheese that bit cleanly instead of pulling into strings.

Wisconsin Cheese Curds: The pride of the Midwest, Wisconsin cheese curds make a squeaky, cheesy pizza topping. Try them fried or fresh.


Cheese Alternatives

Vegan: These days, there are several varieties of vegan cheese than can make your pizza sing. Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up the delicious, comforting taste of pizza. Nut-based “cheeses” provide the creaminess and texture you crave.

Beyond Mozzarella

Ricotta: Soft and salty, ricotta makes a great alternative or addition to a mozzarella-topped pizza. Try it with figs and honey for added flair.

Goat: People feel passionately about goat cheese, whether they love it or hate it. Why not try goat cheese atop your favorite pizza for added depth of flavor.

Cheddar: An all American classic, cheddar adds sharpness but still melts well. Try it on a barbeque chicken pizza or add it to your usual order for extra tang.

Bleu: Want to add some funk to your pizza? Try adding a bleu cheese. While this cheese certainly has a powerful flavor, it melds well with the mild flavor of mozzarella.

Macaroni and Cheese: Finally, if you really want extreme cheese power, try the trendy macaroni and cheese pizza. What could be better than extra cheese sauce, crispy cheese, and noodles? Nothing. So come on out to Dough Boys and try out a new slice of pizza today!