Wine Near Me

Sometimes only the right wine will do and your cocktail party, dinner, outing, or with your favorite food. In fact good wine near me requires that great wine be not just near you but near you now. Well Dough Boys Wine Shop Has What You Need.

Virginia Beach Wine Store Near Me

Stop searching aimlessly for the perfect wine. Better yet, say goodbye to the outrageous traffic awaiting you at Lynnhaven or Kempsville. Just cruise up Atlantic Avenue to Dough Boys on 33rd.

wine store near me33rd Street And The Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Located on 33rd street in the heart of the Virginia Beach Oceanfront you can get a huge selection of wines right at your fingertips.

Have Questions

If you are not totally sure which wine is right for you, feel free to ask us. As purveyors of great food for all occasions we know the importance of pairing the right wine with the right dish.

Call Ahead Wine Ordering

Call us to have your order ready. And save time by ordering your food for us as well culminating in one simple and delicious pickup.

And While You’re here..

Why not test out a great wine over our pizza, pasta, subs, or premium dinner entrees. We will help you pair it to your taste.

Even Greater Selection of Red And White Wines

Our selection of great wines near you and the Oceanfront are not on our shelves due to some random choice. We have reviewed each using a recognized rating system to make sure only the best grace the Dough Boys Virginia Beach wine shop.

 The Perfect Gift: Wine

There is a perfect gift for every person and every occasion. Wine makes a fantastic gift. Whether as a casual housewarming gift or a bigger occasion, it is both practical and elegant.

Wine Bargains

We also offer some under $10 bargain wines as well.

Want To Save Money On Wine Near You?

Check out our wine page and get coupons on our great wines. What are you waiting for.

Wine Shop Near Me Wine Page

Check our wine page for more information

Wine Shop Hours

When Dough Boys is open on 33rd street, the wine shop is open. This gives you much longer hours than most stores

Check out our hours here

Wine Shop Location

We are very close to just about everything on the Oceanfront and are near 264

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