Holiday Wine Tasting

Celebrate the season with a deluxe Champagne and Wine Tasting at Dough Boys Pizza on 33rd Street. Our Holiday wine tasting on the Oceanfront is an excellent chance to learn about champagnes and wines through the most powerful medium of all..experience.

Learn What Wine Pairs Best With Holiday Foods

With your new found knowledge you will know what wines pair best with holiday favorites this season. This can help you choose that perfect Burgundy or Chardonnay for your Christmas Celebration or New Year’s Soiree!

Gourmet Wines And Champagne Make Great Gifts

All the wines you will taste will be available for purchase. Great wines and champagnes make great gifts for Christmas or New Years.

You Cannot Sample Great Wines Or Champagne On Any Stomach

Fresh appetizers will be served to complement the many flavors of wine you will be experiencing.

Oceanfront Wine Tasting Event And Pricing

Here is time, date, and pricing information for the event

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Dough Boy’s Restaurant Virginia Beach
3224 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA
$15.00 —Includes Wine, Champagne and Food tastings

How To Get Tickets To The Champagne And Wine Tasting

You can purchase tickets to the Oceanfront wine tasting here. You can also call (757)747-2511



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