Pet Friendly Virginia Beach seems like a phrase you shouldn’t have to use. Virginia Beach is a friendly fun town, that like any other place in America, is full of dog and pet lovers. And taking pets with us is the only way to go. Unfortunately, easier said than done. There are rules, regulations, fine print, sub print, peccadilloes, and eye staring making it a little sticky at times to bring your dog to Virginia Beach. So I have this to say…

We Pet And Dog Owners Should Change That..

Ok, that being said I have created some links to Virginia Beach sections of guides that tell you what pet resources are available to you in Virginia Beach. This will save you the trouble of endless search and allow you to click on these useful sites. I have pulled out the city rules in these critical subcategories so you do not have to. You will also notice these quick rule card photos that allow you to access some of the most asked Virginia Beach pet questions anytime with just a glance.

Virginia Beach Dog RulesPet Friendly Oceanfront

Staring with the basic Rules for your dog visiting Virginia Beach I went right to the source on this one. I went to the Virginia Beach site that lists all those important dates and times of when you can have your dog on the beach.

When you say Virginia Beach for Dogs you many times mean the Oceanfront area for dogs. And many times when you ask about the Oceanfront rule for dogs, you mean the ACTUAL sandy part of Virginia beach, the Boardwalk, and Atlantic Avenue.

Taking Dogs On The Virginia Beachfront

By beach, and I mean the actual sandy beach next to Atlantic Avenue is wide open for your dog from before Memorial Day Weekend to After Labor day weekend. This is actually the best time since your furry friend is still wearing that fur coat. Cooler weather on the beach is going to be a lot more uncomfortable for him.

Pet Friendly Rules For Dogs On The Beach Summer For Your Dog On The Virginia Beachfront and Ocean Area

This is where it gets a little trickier. You can still do your dog walk on the actual Va Beach beach before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. This is a much cooler part of the day and much more ideal for your favorite bulldog, schnauzer or furry friend. So for the hottest part of the day in the summer, keep the pets away.

Pet Friendly Boardwalk

The Boardwalk follows similar rules to the beach in Spring, Fall, and Winter. From before Memorial Day Weekend to After Labor Day Weekend, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is a dog friendly zone all day. In the summer the rules change a little. You can only bring your canine on the Va. Boardwalk from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Here is the link for Virginia Beach Dog Rules On The Oceanfront including beaches and the boardwalk.

Pet Friendly Boardwalk Pit Stop For You And Your Dog

So you are on the beach or the boardwalk and hunger strikes. Maybe it is during one of those dogs stay all day Spring days. Maybe it is 9:59 a.m. on a beautiful July day. Hunger strikes. Your thirsty. Where can you and your dog walk to for a bite to eat where dogs are ALWAYS ALLOWED. Try Dough Boys Pizza on the Oceanfront

We have two locations with both:

This is the perfect place to:

So Where On Atlantic Avenue Are These Dog Friendly Decks?


Dog Friendly Restaurant Virginia Beach


Dough Boys 24th Street Location

This location sits right in the middle of the Oceanfront. Located near the beach you have access to our outdoor deck and window all the time. An easy way to remember is we are across the street from the 24th Street Park.

Pet friendly restaurant in Virginia Beach


Dough Boys 33rd Street Location

This location sits further North on Atlantic. We have a side deck and order window perfect for you and your pet. We are 2 blocks from Neptune Park.

Check out this other dog friendly article about Dough Boys allowing dogs

What About The Other Dog Friendly Virginia Beach

The other dog friendly Virginia Beach? Yes, to those who are not local the Virginia Beach beaches span for miles. On the North area of Virginia Beach you hit the Chesapeake Bay and the beaches of Chesapeake Bay State Park. Here at this location you can bring your dog on a leash that is six feet or less and you must have proof of rabies vaccination.

Here is the link to the information for this beach

Virginia Beach Oceanfront Dog Safety

Like anything else there are things the City Of Virginia Beach recommends for the safety of your pet. I found a page on the City of Va Beach website which goes into detail on things to consider when you bring dogs to the Oceanfront, the Boardwalk, or even outdoors.

A Quick Recap Of The Article

There are some things you have to worry out with your dog in the elements. I know it is hard to picture the peaceful sandy landscape of the Resort area beachfront as the ‘elements’ but dogs operate on a whole different playbook than you and I do. The dog hits that beach and all of the sudden they are free to roam with hundreds of sounds, smells, and scores of things calling for their attention. That being said they want to run around. This is where you come in.

Beat The Heat

They are in a fur coat. Make sure there is a lot of water available to them. Bring them back to the waterbowl and do not put them in a position to lap up saltwater. This could be disastrous.

Sun Exposure

Some dogs are not that furry. They need dog friendly sun screen or time out of the sun.

And Sea Critters

Some dogs will chew anything. Watch them and keep sea debris out of their mouth. There are no health benefits of shells and stones to your dog.

Oh-follow the link and read the article..




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