Success Dealing With Food Allergies

Here is the full review for our Pizza Restaurant on 17th street and the Virginia Beach Oceanfront concerning food allergies. Here is the full review:

“Our waitress Melissa was fantastic! Eased my world for her knowledge of the menu, ingredients, and ability to avoid utilizing my epi pen. We went back Saturday night, asked for her to be our waitress… She brought our drink order from the previous night correctly by memory, before she took our drink order.

The 4 of us enjoyed wonderful service again! Sunday night, the boys were requesting to go again. It was a spectacular place that was family friendly and I felt really heard about the allergy concerns and Melissa made us feel like a local family customer.

We will definitely go back the next time we are at VA Beach!”

Tips For Food Allergies in Virginia Beach

This happy customer touched on the very important issue of food allergies which is a factor when a family visits a restaurant on the Virginia Beach Oceanfront or at home. The subject of food allergies however, is way too comprehensive to tackle in this one article. Here are some important facts to consider as you delve deeper into the subject.

I saw a pretty good article on Web MD that laid the groundwork of this subject. A number of really important facets of food allergies were mentioned. Many focus around misconceptions of what food allergies are and what causes them.

Many times food intolerance is mistaken for a food allergy and sometimes food poisoning. An allergy occurs because the immune system has been triggered to react to a substance entering the body which it views as detrimental. Symptoms are a great barometer of whether someone has an actual allergy. Some symptoms of an allergic reaction are:

    • Itching in the mouth
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Difficulty swallowing
    • Abdomen pain
    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Hives
    • Wheezing
    • Fluctuations in blood pressure


Based upon these symptoms alone food allergies are to be taken very seriously. In the review above Melissa was trained on our products and their ingredients encompassing pizza, pasta, burgers, drinks and anything else we offer to the public. But every restaurant may not have the same level of commitment to addressing food allergies as Dough Boys.

virginia-beach-pizzaIncredible Job By Our Waitress Melissa

Before we move forward to tips to help you while dining out, we would like to give a special thanks to Melissa for always putting the customer first, always being polite, and always doing what they can to make sure they have the healthiest dining experience possible.

Well done Melissa!

Allergy Tips When Visiting Virginia Beach Restaurants

(all foods..pizza, pasta, burgers, etc)

I saw an incredible list of tips from the Food Allergy and Education website. It went over some basic tips to help guide you as you maneuver the restaurant landscape of the Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads and beyond.

Prepare for Your Dining Out Experience

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure..

Call ahead

Ask to speak to the management. If you can’t get a straight answer or a comprehensive answer, do you really want to risk it?

Check the menu online. Look for documentation that the restaurant is aware of food allergies and has safe items you can order.

Know Thy Allergies

If you know you have them, mention this upfront when you call the manager and to the waiter when at the actual restaurant. Also have a written list of your allergies to hand to them.

Keep the Epi-Pen Ready

Keep that Epinephrine pen handy and ready to use. You never know what you will be facing.

Check the list

If you are going out of town check out this database to see what restaurants are allergy aware.

More on food allergies

Here is a clip I found on food allergies. It is a good resource as part of a plethora of information, sources, and tips.

Dough Boys commitment to customer satisfaction and health with allergy concerns

We are committed to healthy safe food.

Check out our menu and contact us if you have questions before you visit








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