22_pushup_challenge_virginia_beachEven in Virginia Beach, 22 pushups makes a difference

It is a simple exercise you can do to remember, honor, and bring awareness to the epidemic of Veteran suicide due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Your Support Starts Right Here In Virginia Beach

It starts with a commitment to pop down and do 22 pushups. It starts right here in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. Whether you are vacationing on the Oceanfront or you live here, you doing it raises awareness and that is key.

The Epidemic Of Veteran Suicide

The Department Of Veterans Affairs did a study in 2012. Based on some data they found that on average 22 Veterans commit suicide daily. And of these many are well over the age of 50. They are the victims of a trauma that came back with them from theaters of conflict overseas.

Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan to Virginia Beach

We see many of these heroes around Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and greater Hampton Roads. Many are transitioning back. The mental wounds of war have not healed. As an area with the largest concentration of bases and military installations, we sit in the epicenter of the problem. We can also make a dramatic impact, bringing attention back to this area and our wounded veterans. Here are some simple things you can do to support veterans suffering from PTSD

Here are some simple actions you can do to support the 22 pushup challenge

Participate in the challenge

Tell others on your networks, social media, or neighborhoods about it

Like the Facebook 22 pushup challenge page https://www.facebook.com/22PushupChallenge

Be a donor to Active Heroes. An organization focused on supporting Veterans


We can make a difference…by bringing attention to the issue

22 A Day Challenge – 22 Pushups for 22 Daily Veteran Suicides from Active Heroes on Vimeo.

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