An Incredible Trip Advisor 5 Star Virginia Beach Restaurant Review

If I didn’t actually see this Trip Advisor 5 Star Virginia Beach review, I doubt I would have believed it. A very kind man named Christopher goes into immersive detail about his experience with Dough Boys on 33rd Street.

Just a quick note, there have been lots of new exciting things At Dough Boy’s In Virginia Beach mentioned in the Trip Advisor review. We knew these were going to be hits and it is nice to be noticed. Positive mentions about our Oceanfront restaurant include:

virginia beach happy hourThe All day Happy Hour

Who doesn’t love happy hour in Virginia Beach. So we know everyone loves having it all day.



oceanfront brunchOur New Virginia Beach Brunch

We introduced a whole menu of brunch style burgers and pizzas that take the egg to new heights.


open air deckOur Open Air Deck

Pet friendly and accessible near the boardwalk, beach And Atlantic, get restaurant quality food, fast, at incredible prices.


And The Tried And True

And then there were some things we already had that got mentioned including:


fresh pizza doughOur Made From Scratch Pizza Dough

We have always made the pizza dough from scratch right here and we thank you for noticing.

An Orange Crush..Our Signature Drink

There are no bad drinks but we own the orange crush and appreciate the rave review.

full menuOur Extensive Menu

We are more than a pizza place. We are a Virginia Beach restaurant that is good at everything including burgers, salads, drinks, and more.


So to sum it all up

Thank you Chris for the incredible over the top review. We love to get noticed. We can’t wait for your next visit!!

The Actual Trip Advisor Review

The actual review reads:

SOO Much More Than Pizza!


I normally don’t take time out to review places I’ve been, but we had such a wonderful experience at Dough Boy’s that I felt the need to share! 🙂

Last Friday early afternoon, my friend and I were in the mood for Happy Hour specials and wanted to be outside to enjoy the Spring breeze on such a beautiful sunny afternoon. I asked my friend, “how about Dough Boy’s Pizza? They offer an open-air bar/patio and it looked from the outside to be a welcoming fun local spot to check out?”

But, then the question was if they offer any Happy Hour Specials? We asked the polite hostess out front and she said, “not only do we offer Happy Hour Specials, but we have all day Happy Hour specials from open until 5:30pm.Perfect!

We walked over to the open-air bar seating and were attentively welcomed with a smile by the bartender, who was super fun-friendly to talk to during our entire visit.

As we sat down at the open-air bar, I couldn’t help but notice how amazing it looked inside with a true Endless Summer beach theme feel! Pair the beach themed view with pleasant good vibe music, flat screen TVs for live sports/news, an attentive bartender/server, and a cool breeze on a summer day, what more could we really ask for? 🙂

As my friend was reviewing the menu, I noticed the bartender take half of an orange, put it on a bar mechanism and squeeze the juice into a cup. I realized that Dough Boy’s offers freshly-squeezed Orange Crush cocktail drinks! Even better (since it was Happy Hour), they were half price! Excellent! They tasted refreshing and kickin’ by the way. 😉

Another look inside, and you couldn’t help but notice the families, friends, couples dining-in smiling, and showing to be having a great time as well.

Next up, what to eat? I presume Dough Boy’s hand-tossed, made-from-scratch, hot and bubbling cheese pizza for half-price during Happy Hour? Actually, to my surprise, Dough Boy’s offers SOO much more than just pizza! A full-menu of items (salads, subs, gyros, pastas, calzones, burgers, etc) to choose from and I wanted to try it all, lol.

In the end, my friend and I decided we should try something different? Our friendly bartender/server handed us a small handout ad and said “how about ordering from our special new egg-stended brunch menu?” We both looked at each other, smiled, and then I told our server/bartender, “a protein-packed late brunch sounds good to us!”

I ordered the DB Original Double Slices of Egg Pizza and my friend ordered the Sunrise Angus Burger. In the meantime, I went inside to go wash my hands, and noticed they have the coolest floors I have ever seen! The blue with white swirls makes it feel like you’re walking on water, and the fun relaxed beach theme atmosphere inside was very inviting.

Only a few short minutes after arriving back at the open air bar, our food arrived! Smelled amazing, came out hot, and a tasty combination biting into the slightly runny over-medium egg with fresh made-from-scratch ingredients. Some of the best pizza that I have ever had!

My friend also allowed me to try his Sunrise Angus Burger that left my taste buds watering for more. WOW, certainly was one of the most flavorful burgers I’ve ever tried! (Especially, the bun).

I haven’t had such a wonderful experience in quite some time. The owners of this establishment deserve a lot of credit for creating an overall “good times” atmosphere, by going above and beyond expectations. The entire experience felt like a slice of heaven! Highly recommended, and looking forward to trying other menu items that caught my eye on my next visit.

Thanks again Dough Boy’s family, for the good vibes experience and delicious food/drinks!

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